Saturday, April 16, 2016
I found a great way that leads you to happiness, sanctification, self confidence and faith!
Can you believe it?! I'm sure that you're now wondering about this magical potion 🌟

It's all about counting your blessings and be thankfull to The Ever-Sustaining 🎁 YES! look around and start..

1- I have a healthy body. I can do everything by myself without any help from others.
2- I have  everything I need.
3- I have the husband that I dreamed of. He's kind, generous and he loves me more than anything else. 💐❤
4- I have the best parents. They still take care of even when I'm married and live in another city. 💙
5- I have caring sisters. They are always for me 👯
6- I have connected relatives. I never feel alone!
7- My grandparents are healthy alive! I love them SO MUCH 💝
8- I have this amazing laptop and it doesn't make me mad! 
9- I have a new smart-phone and it works very well! and actually it's a gift from my husband 🚻🌹
10- I know how to wear makeup professionally 💅 and I have the best makeup tools 😻
11-  I have a good internet access! 💻📱
12-  I'm surrounded myself to good and positive people 😊 
13- I speak two languages fluently (Arabic & English) and I'm in my way to improve the third language (French).
14- My hair grows fast! I cannot get bored from any hairstyle 👒
15- I have a good-cooking husband who cooks great meals for me 🍴💛
16- I have cozy, white and fluffy king-sized-bed to jump and sleep on ☁
17- I have a huge shampoo and conditioner that stay for a long time and they smell soooo goood! 🌸
18- I have blackout curtains which makes me sleep deeply all the day!
19- I'm Muslim and I can pray to God directly without any mediator and I know he hears me and answer me by his own way 💙 (pure love)
20- I studied five years the major that I love most! (English language and Translation) at PNU 🏢🏫
21- I like reading in different fields and that let me knowledgeable about almost everything 💡
22- I'm a patient person I rarely get mad 😏🌴
23- I have my own taste when it comes about fashion and clothes, and I feel comfortable about it. 👗
24- My parents raised me on good morals. So I see myself a good person 👄 *kiss to my good-self*
25- Once upon a time, while I'm sleeping, I was rolling on my bed and I noticed that the sound of the AC is different in my other ear!!!! I totally woke up finding that I don't hear very well with my right ear. I got shocked but I thought like  الحمدلله I still can hear the AC with my left ear! I truly and faithfully appreciated that I didn't lose the sense of hearing 🙏💚 and now الحمدلله I can hear the steps of the ants 👸  LOL
26- I can workout!
27-  I have no chronic disease 💎
28- I live in a totally safe country. I sleep peacefully without worrying about the sounds of bombs and guns everyday 🌈
29- I can  learn whatever I want online on my bed!
30- I get a shower with a warm water even in February!
31- I pray Allah for anything I want with knowing that He (swt) is Listening ❤
32- I see some of my dreams are coming true!
33- I didn't get sick of hunger
34- I'm positive person and this is such a valuable blessing nowadays االحمدلله 🌾
35- I drink a pure water 💧
36- It was snowing yesterday and my shoes got wet. I had the money to buy rain boots!👢 الحمدلله
37- My husband cooks a really good Indian food 😍
38- I slept very deep last night. 

The list never ends... "(18) And if you should count the favors of Allah, you could not enumerate them. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful." (Sura: An-Nahl)

I'll make this post forever updated 🎈


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